‘CAUTION: ZIONISM!’ – Introduction

by Jim Saleam and Alec Saunders, 1st September 2009

To the best of our knowledge, the present book is hard to obtain and most certainly had not been placed upon the Internet until we put it on this Site. We understand that an expurgated version has been published by Renaissance Press in New Zealand, a singular book-service under the direction of our redoubtable Kiwi comrade – Kerry Bolton.

The present production had a small element of ‘history’ attached to it. The book was purchased by a Perth co-worker from a second-hand dealer. It bore the inscription ‘To Peter Symon…..”. Of course, Peter Symon was then the General Secretary of the pro-Soviet Socialist Party of Australia and served in that role until his death last year – to its successor, the revamped Communist Party of Australia. This is the same Peter Symon who, despite his Marxist preoccupations, entertained a deputation from the One Nation party in 1999. His rationale for that meeting was, that the Communist Party of the 1920’s and 1930’s often sided with advocates of White Australia, secular radical nationalism and Catholic Socialism – because they all advocated economic nationalism. Symon often pursued odd alliances.

We have published Caution Zionism! as a contribution to a historical debate.We do not say that this text is a perfect version of history. It is peppered with the verbiage of Marxism-Leninism, then the official ideology of the Soviet Union. It may also contain interpretations of historical evidence based upon Soviet need. However, that itself is also significant in the overall discussion.

Zionism is a factor in international politics and in Australia’s domestic politics. The Zionist elite is part and parcel of the New World Order system and the preservation of the entity called Israel (which usurped Palestine) is part of its programme for endless war. Australia’s Zionists are main players in the workings of the Australian state (they played a function in the establishment of the multicultural / multiracial society) and necessarily – enemies of the idea of Australian independence. The calculated hypocrisy of the ‘Australian’ Zionists shows in their endorsement of the extreme Ashkenazic chauvinism and imperialism of Israel, whilst adocating Australia’s assimilation into Asia.

We commend this book to readers as essential background to an on-going struggle.

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