Eureka Freedom Commemoration And Constitutional Convention
Ballaarat, December 4, 5, 6

In Commemoration Of The 150th Anniversary Of The Eureka Stockade (December 3, 1854)

Identity  |  Independence   |   Freedom


Why The Eureka Freedom Commemoration And Constitutional Convention?

The Eureka Commemoration And The Constitutional Convention are being organized as significant occurrences in the development of a new patriotic-freedom politics.

The Commemoration events are being organized by members of the Australia First Party in Melbourne with the co-operation of other patriotic people.

The Constitutional Convention under the supervision of Mr. Joe Bryant meets in Ballaarat on the weekend of December 4, 5 and 6 2004 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the great Eureka Stockade Rebellion by debating the Constitution and related matters.


Because it has a clear relevance to Australia’s identity and our independence aspirations. Because there is a noble freedom heritage of pressing interest to an Australia suffering increasing authoritarian control.  These Eureka events will bring you an array of speakers to articulate this heritage and explain its contemporary significance in patriotic and freedom action. The Convention will involve hardy discussion into Australia’s legal heritage.

Venue: For The Constitutional Convention

The venue is Sebastopol RSL Club, cnr. Beverin Street and Birdswood Avenue, Ballarat.

An array of Australian nationalist poetry books and pamphlets, patriotic literature, Eureka flags and other material will be on sale.

Tickets, How Much?

The organizers of the Commemoration and the Convention would appreciate contributions from attendees.

$25 for the meeting day. $15 concession (pensioners, students, unemployed) would be acceptable

Whilst there are no ‘overheads’ of any sort, we must cover certain expenses.

Convention Chairman:

Mr. Joe Bryant will be running a friendly but tight ship and he hopes for your co-operation in making for a successful Convention. Other events will be under the general control of the Australia First organizers.


Phone Line:

A phone line will be available every day from from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Outside these times, it is a message line only. Ring: 0407 732 868 (this number may change or be supplemented with other numbers for respective areas). for the Commemoration activities.  For the Convention (02) 9559 2070.

About The Eureka Celebrations

The Eureka Freedom celebrations are independent of any and all nationalist and patriotic parties and associations. However, it is a place where all can come, exchange ideas and documents and participate. Any affiliation held by the organisers is independent of their function in this event.

Members of all patriotic groups and independent patriots and their friends and family are welcome.

The organizers believe that there is a crying need for Australian nationalists and patriots to rediscover their freedom past. By that we mean, we must articulate precise ideas that can serve the mobilisation of Australians in the fight for our identity, independence and freedom.


The Convention will be served by the Rallying Point Information Service. We expect other patriotic bookservices to be present and will advise once they confirm.

The Rallying Point Information Service specialises in cheaply priced materials on aspects of Australia’s history and heritage. It maintains titles on immigration issues, state power, culture and other select-title books. This time around it will do its’ best to provide material relevant to the Eureka Stockade.

It is also possible for participants to place texts on tables for free or other distribution.


At one Commemoration event (as chosen) the following talk wilk be given

Dr. Jim Saleam, Combatting The Misrepresentions Of The Struggle At Eureka.

Jim Saleam has written about misplaced attempts to misrepresent the Eureka struggle. Efforts by marxist groups along with fake Whitlam-type republicans back in the 1970’s, through to current-day anarchists and occasional faddists, have all been challenged by pro-Australians. Our speaker, in conjunction with others, was one who pushed for the use of the Eureka Flag by nationalist groups after 1977. This patriotic usage of the Flag has continued to rile the anti-Australians and is criticised vehemently by all those who would misrepresent Eureka Stockade. This speech is all about setting the record straight.



Register Now For The Eureka Freedom Commemoration and the Constitutional Convention: Donate To Its Success.

Register: Although it is ‘early days’ in the organization of this event, you can register now. For the Commemorative events: write to P.O. Box 223 Croydon 3136. For the Convention: P.O. Box 270 St. Marys 2760

Donate: the organisers of the Eureka celebrations will thankfully receive contributions towards the necessary advertising in the patriotic press and for other legitimate expenses. The organisers also welcome sponsors.