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Sydney Forum

Identity   |   Independence   |   Freedom

August 28-29, 2004

Time: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm both days

The fourth Sydney Forum will be a positive event for all Australian nationalists and patriots, for all of us who desire a new politics beyond the old labels of Left and Right and outside of system-party loyalties.

Previous Sydney Forum events have been received well and have placed important issues on the agenda.

A fake New World Order war on ‘terrorism’ placed young Australians in the firing line in Iraq and our country is in greater danger mow than ever, thanks to the anti-Islamic crusade undertaken by imperialism. We know now the story about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq was one big lie. Dr. Saad Al Samarai, Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Iraq, told us that at the 2002 Forum. Where next will Australians be sent to die for oil, for Israeli Zionism and for American multinational capitalism? Are we to suffer an American army of occupation in Australia, disguised as ‘forward base personnel’ or a ‘rapid reaction force’?

The bloody foreign adventures engaged in by our government, permit the erosion of our civil liberties and our national identity, our personal security on the farm, in a small business, in the factory, and elsewhere, all in the name of counter-terrorism. The security agencies have gained secret-police-state powers over the citizen. Our politicians do not even see that being agents of the New World Order regime enforced by America – is wrong or treasonous. In the ultimate newspeak, it is thought to be normal.

The Sydney Forum in 2002 and 2003 supported a fight-back. We see around us heightened effort! Ideas sown by the Sydney Forum have taken root.

Resisting the New World Order system means working in our chosen parties and associations in informed and politically-conscious ways in order to get results.

The Sydney Forum has provided a place for controversial speakers to be heard. We do not accept responsibility for all commentary from any speaker, nor does any other speaker endorse someone else. Yet, each speaker has something to impart to you, useful and incisive material that will serve you in your political work.

There is ample Open Forum time available when participants can have their say. Time can be ‘applied’ for to the meeting-chairman on Day One.

The meeting-chairman advises that order will be kept, particularly during question time. Questions not statements.

A full set of video tapes will become available for the instruction of other Australians.

Don’t delay. Get yourself registered now!All who purchase tickets shall receive a special agenda mail-out about 10 days prior to the Forum setting out the location of the meeting.


Relevant Information


The venue will be a Sydney club, very close to public transport. The club has a bar and a restaurant. There is a cafe which can cater for lunchtime snacks and sandwiches. Coffee and tea in the hall will be self-serve and your ticket entitles you to how so much you require (or desire!). There are ample car parking spaces on Club grounds.

Tickets, How Much?

Tickets are now available. We will maintain our prices:

$35 for both days. $25 concession (pensioners, students, unemployed)

$20 for one day $15.00 concession.

This year, we expect to have a number of interstate speakers. Whilst we have no ‘overheads’ of any sort, we must cover certain expenses.

Our ticket costs are comparable with those Forums taking place in Adelaide, Inverell and Mackay.

Tickets are now available. All cheques/money orders are payable to ‘Sydney Forum’.

Meeting Chairman:

Your MC for the Sydney Forum will be Mr. Welf Herfurth who performed the task at the previous Forums.

He will be running a friendly, but tight ship, and he hopes for your co-operation in making for a successful event.

Video Filming:

The fourth Sydney Forum will be video filmed. This will of course, permit the subsequent production of quality video tapes.

Our camera man will concentrate on the speakers and as far as possible preserve the privacy of our guests.

Phone Line:

Our Forum phone line will be available every day from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Outside these times, it is a message line only. Ring: 0407 732 868.

About The Forum

The Sydney Forum is a non-profit event. Our published balance sheet after the last Forum revealed a small loss which was borne by the organisers.

The Forum is independent of any and all patriotic parties and associations. The Forum could not do its function if it was formally linked to any party or association. However, it is a place where all can come, exchange ideas and documents and participate. Any affiliation held by the organisers is independent of their function in this event.

Members of all patriotic groups and independent patriots and their friends and family are welcome.

The Forum organizers believe that there is a crying need for political formation. By that, we mean, the articulation of precise ideas that can serve the mobilisation of Australians in the fight for our identity, independence and freedom.

The Forum organisers see their role as – facilitators only. While we will ensure the smooth running of the event, our aim is to stimulate, not control, discussion and education.


The Forum will be served by the Rallying Point Information Service and the Heritage Book Service.

The Rallying Point Information Service specialises in cheaply priced materials on aspects of Australia’s history and heritage. It maintains titles on immigration issues, state power, culture and other select-title books.

The Heritage Book Service will carry quality books on matters of global politics, foreign policy issues, global finance and unusual and hard-to-get Australian works.

It is also possible for participants to place texts on tables for free or other distribution.

Open Forum:

There is a time allocation for Open Forum speaking. Time will be put aside on both days. Each slot will be 15 minutes only (10 minutes for speaking; five minutes for questions). This feature of the Sydney Forum imposes on participants to be brief and concise.

Special Organizational Discount:

The organisers of the Sydney Forum will consider a special discount to organized groups. Write or phone for further information.


We expect to have 10 quality speakers and open-forum time for participants to air their own views or comment freely upon any or all of the speakers.

Speakers’ List

This circular provides updated details. See our advertisements in the alternative patriotic press. Or phone our Contact Line for final updates on speakers.

Mr. Neil Baird, The Economics Of Globalisation.

The globalist economic revolution has taken many new directions over the last couple of years. Neil Baird, publisher of The News Report, is a close student of globalism. It is a subject which must be grasped by all Australian nationalists and patriots and we are pleased indeed to welcome him to speak again on this subject, with new and relevant information. Neil believes that a nationalist policy must be developed to lead Australia out of globalisation.

Mr. Robert Gribben, Neo-Fascist Politics And The Thought Of Julius Evola.

One of the most intriguing systems of Italian political-philosophical thought has been that of the ‘Indo-European traditionalist’, Julius Evola. For Evola, there are eternal verities in the social order of the Indo-European peoples, methods and mythologies appropriate to a re-ordering of a new society after the ultimate collapse of democratic capitalism. Sidelined during the Fascist era, Evola (died 1972) was often associated in one way or another with the post-war movement generally dubbed as Italian neo-fascism. Robert Gribben, a doctoral student, will introduce this remarkable thinker and suggest traditionalist values have their place – even in the antipodes.

Dr. Jim Saleam, Riding Shotgun For John Howard: The Liberal Party Takeover Conspiracy, Take Two

With the imposion of One Nation and the fight to reorder patriotic politics in Australia, an old humbug has reappeared in New South Wales. It is the ‘hard right faction’ of the Liberal Party led by upper house MP, David Clarke. This faction has always served to gather support to the Liberal Party whilst disorienting patriotic and nationalist groups; they take up certain pseudo-patriotic rhetoric and promise to ‘takeover’ the party if only true patriots will melt in to the secret plan. This faction has a thirty year history through its open and covert links with official ASIO / Special Branch anti-communism, down to the bogus ‘war on terror’ which John Howard encapsulates. Jim Saleam has been a personal target of the group and will introduce sensational exposure material, drawing the political lines sharply and giving these snakes no place to hide.

Mr. John Rivett, The Diggers’ Legacy

Mr. John Rivett is a corporate lawyer from Queensland. He is also President of The Great Australians, a registered federal political party; he is thus acquainted with fine Australian patriot, Mr. John Cumming, founder and patron of this party. Mr. Rivett will be speaking on the evils of the foreign economic takeover of Australia and strategies to secure a new economic nationalism for our country. This is his first appearance at the Sydney Forum and members of The Great Australians are most welcome to be present.

Mr. Peter Whitfield, The Causes Of Global Terrorism And The War In Iraq

Mr. Whitfield addressed the 2002 Forum. He will return in this short address to highlight the the criminal folly of the invasion of Iraq by the New World Order terrorist regime, an invasion which has only fueled Islamist terror. His knowledge of Iraq came from personal experience.

Mr. Dave Astin, Citizens’ Initiated Referenda

This will be one of our short addresses. A sucinct view on the merits of and potential workings of – Citizens’ Initiated Referenda. The CIR principle promises to revolutionise the idea of freedom and direct empowerment.

Mr. Stuart McBeth, Youth Activism And A New National Vision For Australia

Another short address. Our speaker founded the Patriotic Youth League a grouping of young Australians to act in schools and campuses. He will explain the nature of the new force, whilst relating its work to the idea of a new national vision for Australia. What would a new independent Australia really be like?

Bonny Bauer, Australias Glowing Future – The Cracks In Irridating Our Food Supply

An alarming but accurate view of the latest craze of multinationals’ controlled agriculture. Bonny Bauer is a Rural Commentator and Research Consultant from Tully who has lectured extensively upon her subject. She has been involved in the organics industry and in opposing the chemical industry on matters of public health. She will present a detailed paper.

Joe Bryant, Australias Glowing Future – The Constitutional Debate In Ballarat For The 150th Anniversary Of Eureka

Mr. Joe Bryant is an organiser of a significant constitutional debate to be held in Ballarat this December. He will report on this forum, which will be held in conjunction with the Eureka Freedom Forum. Eureka was a key aspect of our national and constitutional development.

John Wilson, The Corrupt Legal System

Mr. John Wilson is widely known for his controversial stand against the institutionalised corruption which is our current legal system. He will address on various aspects of his struggle for honesty and reform

Terry Worthing, The Simple Way To Fix Australia’s Problems

Terry Worthing is a grassroots activist from Queensland. He argues a case for tax and financial reform. He says that every Australian is a shareholder in the national wealth. If his share is about $5 million then he derives no benefit, but rather sees his asset under foreign control. A novel perspective which inverts the way we see the economic order. 

Forum Registration

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Registration fees:

$35 for 2 days  ($25 concession, pensioners, unemployed etc)

$20 for 1 day  ($15.00 concession)


You will receive your receipt (ticket) and a further bulletin that tells you the venue etc. and full agenda.

A phone line is available (9am-9pm); message line outside these hours). Mobile: 0407 732 868.


The final bulletin will be issued 10 days prior.


The organisers of the Sydney Forum will thankfully receive contributions towards the necessary advertising in the patriotic press and for other legitimate expenses.

Sydney Forum 2004 Report

The following article composed by critic demands we raise our game…

“The Sydney Forum, held over the weekend August 28-29, played a useful role in the articulation of nationalist politics.
The speakers were first class and included Neil Baird, Joe Bryant, Jim Saleam, Dave Astin, Stuart McBeth and other fine patriotic orators.
Themes included economic globalisation, the New World Order invasion of Iraq and popular-democracy.
As reproduced below is an article written by a young journalism student from the University of Technology.  He is not on our side, nor is he always dead accurate. We reproduce his piece (currently on a Sydney University of Technology journalism website) because there is a warning or two in the article which our side needs to ‘get’ and ‘get’ quickly.
He describes the venue in a negative way.  Now a RSL Club is what it is, but we must always strive for modernity.  Our venue in 2004, acquired because of a cancellation elsewhere, was an older style one.
And he reports an older audience.  Again, that might be a reflex of the fact our older compatriots can often manage a two-day conference a little easier than students with deadlines and young people with families. Yet, demographics tell against us if we do not obtain a youth market. Australian patriotic politics must take a youth orientation. That lesson came strongly from speakers also. So, we learn as we go.
The 2005 Forum, now in planning, will reflect our ability to apply ourselves to the tasks ahead.”

Advance Australia Where?

[Posted 10th September 2004, by a young journalism student from the University of Technology (UTS), – a UTS journalism website]
“One Nation may be a spent political force but there are still local activists with a strong nationalist agenda. Mark Franklin attends the Fourth Sydney Forum.
The wooden floor of Bexley RSL hall is polished to a high squeak. Australian flags hang above the Digger’s crest. The air smells of stale tobacco, and from behind the speaker’s podium a black and white photo of Queen Elizabeth stares down at the crowd.
Of the hundred-odd people who have gathered from the full stretch of the East Coast, all but five are men. Apart from a few Newcastle University students – members of the Patriotic Youth League – all are past middle age. They sit scattered in ones and twos throughout the hall.
Welcome to the fourth annual Sydney Forum: two days of talks by Australian patriots about modern society.
Last weekend, as Prime Minister John Howard was calling a federal election, they gathered to share their thoughts on why Australian social life is rotting from its political core. Since the glory days of One Nation, these few activists (mainly supporters of the Australia First party) have become the sole surviving nationalist voice on the political landscape.
“Governments tell you fibs,” says Terry Worthingham, first speaker of the day. “But what’s worse, you believe those fibs and you continue giving the Government all your bloody money. Then they give it to the banks and the foreign owned companies … that’s what’s wrong with this country.”
Each of the speakers is frustrated and alienated by modern Australian politics, and each offers a theory as to what went wrong. “The Jews control Australia,” says Worthingham. “Multiculturalism is destroying our country”, says Andrew Wilson. “The multinationals have taken hold of our lives,” says Nail Baird.
Most of the speakers are retired blue-collar workers. Their clothes are a generation old and they speak with stilted, twangy accents. The forum’s organizer, Dr Jim Saleam, is one of the few who has been to university. He received a doctorate from Sydney University for his thesis on the right wing of Australian politics.
“The genius of the modern state that we live under,” he says, “is that its tentacles run much more strongly – through advertising, through the media, through consumerism, through the way we live our lives – it’s more integrated than it ever was before.”
Dr Saleam paints a truly Orwellian picture of modern life. The state, he says, is a “machine by which one group of people keeps another group of people out of power. It is comprised of politicians, the media, the judicial system, and the multinational companies.”
In one sense, his views could be seen to overlap with the “Trotskyite left” (as he calls it) but when it comes to the question of multiculturalism, there is an insurmountable point of difference. He is proudly opposed to Australian cultural diversity.
“This belief that different cultures can live together in the same place is false,” he says. “It takes an enormous amount of effort for culturally different groups to get along. Sure, you can make it work, through laws, through policing, through a lot of effort. But in the end it’s an artificial harmony and it has to break down.”
This brand of nationalists believes each country should have its own identity; its own culture, its own ethnic population, and the nationality of each country should be homogenous. Mexicans in Mexico, Chinese in China, Australians in Australia.
Australian nationalists see their heritage as being strictly European in origin. At the back of the forum, display tables carry booklets such as The Poems of Banjo Patterson and Arthur Calwell: A Great Australian . Federation flags hang from the walls, and there’s a pile of stickers reading: “Mass immigration = water restrictions.” (Go figure!)
Stuart MacBeth, founder of the Patriotic Youth League (PYL) says: “We are distinct in culture and direction from our Asian neighbours in the South Pacific”. The gravest threat facing Australia today, he says, is “the divisive and socially destructive concept of multiculturalism.”
Recently, the press has attacked the PYL over a supposed “race-hate” campaign at Newcastle University and it has accused MacBeth of links to various neo-Nazi groups, labelling him a “white supremacist”.
But the PYL is so haphazardly organised it can barely link arms, let alone link with groups on the other side of the world. And MacBeth is no more a white supremacist than Pauline Hanson. He’s a softly spoken, bespectacled economics student who works for the Salvation Army. “We’re not racists,” he says. “We don’t think we’re better than anybody else just because we’re white, but we do have a right to protect our way of life.”
Whether or not Nationalism equates to racism is a matter of opinion. However, the solution it offers Australia’s indigenous communities sounds remarkably like apartheid. “In one sense, Hanson was wrong”, says Dr Saleam. “You can’t have one nation, because the Aboriginal people are not part of the same nation. They are unique at the start…so therefore, you must have a different set of laws for Aboriginal people from white people.”
Dr Saleam sees this as the only fair solution. “The main emphasis would have to be on how [indigenous communities] preserve their language, their ceremonies, their history, while still giving them access to certain aspects of modernity that they desire.”
Nationalist thinking is not unique to Australia. It was fostered in Germany and Britain, where nationalist political parties now attract a significant proportion of the popular vote. It has since spread to countries as diverse as Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Yemen, and Russia.
“Nationalism is not about race, like many people would have you believe,” says Welf Herefurth, the Sydney Forum’s MC. (He talks with a thick German accent and runs the show exactly to schedule – speakers finish on the dot of their allotted time and he ensures questions are brief and to the point. “The media doesn’t call me fascist for nothing,” he quips.)
Herefurth has just completed a tour of South East Asia, promoting nationalist politics in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. “It is about preserving unique cultures all around the world,” he says. “We have to work together to break this monopoly of American pop culture…if you go to China these days, you’ve got a Kentucky Fried Chicken in the middle of Red Square. Now that’s scary.”
The growth of multinational companies and the pervasive power of capitalist-inspired “monoculture” was a central theme at the Sydney Forum. Criticisms ranged from the real (the pervasive influence of American pop culture) to the absurd (multinational companies sucking the nutrition out of the very food we eat, reducing the working class to malnourished slaves of the capitalist system). But there was a firm belief all round that globalisation is resulting in a “new world order”.
The philosophy of the new world order, says Dr Saleam, is to gradually bring about a completely globalised world: open borders, free trade, unrestrained capitalism, and a single world Government. “It’s an open conspiracy,” he says. “It’s an arrangement conducted in full view of the public. I’m sure there are secret activities…but the fundamentals of it are argued every day in the newspapers and the parliament.”
It was because of their opposition to this new world order that Dr Saleam and his political allies campaigned so strenuously against the Iraq war. “All of the Issues the so-called right is now concerned with flow through Iraq,” he says. “The rights of nations to sovereignty and to have their country the way they want it, the powerhouse of modern capitalism, the spread of American imperialism, the supremacy of the new world order – they’re all concentrated right now in Iraq.”
It may be surprising that this group, which adamantly opposes foreign immigration, is so critical of the Iraq war. At one stage, says Dr Saleam, there was a risk of the so-called right wing falling in behind the war, but he and a couple of others campaigned hard to turn opinion against it. “Iraqis should be able to have their country whichever way they want it, for better or for worse,” he says.
In a sense, this view encapsulates the modern nationalist perspective. “If I’m going to say, ‘I want my nation for my people representing my way of life,’ I’m hardly likely to say that people on the other side of the world can’t have the same, am I?” he says.
So what about Australia’s future – can the coming election help bring about change? “It’s irrelevant”, says Dr Saleam. “The major political parties are exactly the same, the new world order is well and truly ensconced in Australia. Both political parties are behind it, as is most of the population.
“In the end, Australia is in danger of simply becoming a geographical expression and, progressively, the things that we consider the Australian ethos or values will become increasingly marginalised until they disappear off the continent.
“What we need is a wakeup call”, says Dr Saleam, “some sort of political movement to spur people into action.”
Judging from the revolutionary rhetoric at the Sydney Forum, that is exactly how Dr Saleam’s nationalist allies see their role. But despite their zeal, with numbers dwindling and enemies everywhere, this greying bunch of activists seem unlikely to rouse a sleepy nation any time soon.”

SOURCE:   Central News is a multi-platform news service based at the University of Technology Sydney. It is where journalism students put theory into practice by producing text, audio and video stories ranging from breaking news to interactive features.  Stories published on Central News are open source and can be reproduced on other websites provided the author is credited, a link to the original story is included and the text is not altered.  Editor and publisher Martin Newman.

Forthcoming:   Fifth Sydney Forum (2005) Invites NPD Leader

The Sydney Forum has invited for the 2005 event, Mr. Holger Apfel, vice-chairman of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).
Mr. Apfel also edits the NPD paper Deutsche Stimme and is the party’s new fraction leader in the Saxon parliament.
The NPD has become the leading nationalist organisation in Germany after winning 9.1% of the poll in the September Saxon elections. In alliance with the German People’s Union (DVU), it is hoped that German nationalists will return to the German Federal parliament in 2005.
The NPD is a modern German nationalist movement. It is the party leading the popular German struggle against globalisation, against German participation in any American sponsored aggression in the Middle East and for a new Europe of Nations.
The NPD sponsors formal and other contacts with nationalist parties and organisations in other European countries. This offer to the NPD to make its’ presence known to Australian nationalists may contribute to deeper relations in the future.
An offer to Udo Voigt, the chairman of the NPD, to speak at the Forum in 2002, could not be actualised do a government ban. The official notice read that Mr. Voigt was linked to the proliferation of ‘weapons of mass destruction’, a bizarre Foreign Affairs Department formula which rather reflected the NPD’s opposition to the imperialist invasion plans then unfolding against Iraq!
It is to be hoped that a parliamentary deputy may have better luck than Mr. Voigt – unless he too is linked, via the same logic, to the same ‘weapons of mass destruction’. IIf Mr. Apfel is refused entry to Australia, he might like to ask Alexander Downer where said weapons could be found.

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