Sydney Forum 2005



Sydney Forum

August 27-28, 2005


Identity    |   Independence   |   Freedom


FLASH:   This year’s Forum may be the subject of counter-demonstration.  Expect media, police and unwashed green-hairs in a fit of anti-Nazi (sic) anger.  Inspired up by a Zionist stooge who is now connected to a notorious ASIO neo-nazi.   They will come looking for neo-nazis?!  While they won’t find any, we will have to do! Come prepared!

The fifth Sydney Forum will be an unique event for all Australian nationalists and patriots.  For the first time the Forum will attempt to bring a speaker from an overseas nationalist party (Germany) to build special links with this party and share experiences in the struggle against New World Order capitalism.  Next year, we hope for similar speakers from other countries.  We plan a motivational event for those who desire a new politics beyond the old labels of Left and Right and outside of system-party loyalties.

It is three years since Dr. Saad Al Samarai, Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Iraq, told us Australians would be sent to die for oil, for Israeli Zionism and for American multinational capitalism in a mad war in Iraq and a fake war on terrorism.  These bloody foreign adventures, permit the erosion of our civil liberties and our national identity, our personal security on the farm, in a small business, in the factory, and elsewhere, all in the name of counter-terrorism. The party dictatorship has brought forward legislative authoritarianism to rule over us.

The Sydney Forum supported a fight-back.  Resisting the New World Order system means working in our chosen parties and associations in informed and politically-conscious ways in order to get results.

The Sydney Forum provides a place for controversial speakers to be heard.  We do not accept responsibility for all commentary from any speaker, nor does any other speaker endorse someone else. Yet, each speaker has something to impart to you, useful and incisive material that will serve you in your political work.

There is ample Open Forum time available when participants can have their say.  Time can be ‘applied’ for to the meeting-chairman on Day One.

The meeting-chairman advises that order will be kept, particularly during question time. Questions not statements.

A full set of video tapes will become available for the instruction of other Australians.

Don’t delay!  Get yourself registered now! All who purchase tickets shall receive a special agenda mail-out about 10 days prior to the Forum setting out the location of the meeting.

Relevant Information


The venue will be a Sydney club, very close to public transport. The club has a bar and the restaurant will cater for lunchtime snacks and sandwiches. Coffee and tea will be self-serve and your ticket entitles you to how so much you require (or desire!). There are ample car parking spaces on Club grounds. Some street parking is also possible.

Tickets, How Much?:

  • Tickets are now available. We will maintain our prices:
  • $35 for both days. $25 concession (pensioners, students, unemployed)
  • $20 for one day $15.00 concession.
  • This year, we expect to have a number of interstate speakers. Whilst we have no ‘overheads’ of any sort, we must cover certain expenses.
  • Our ticket costs are comparable with those Forums taking place in Adelaide, Inverell and Mackay.
  • Tickets are now available.  All cheques/money orders are payable to ‘Sydney Forum’.

Meeting Chairman:

Your MC for the Sydney Forum will be Mr. Welf Herfurth who performed the task at the previous Forums.

He will be running a friendly but tight ship and he hopes for your co-operation in making for a successful event.

Video Filming:

The third Sydney Forum will be video filmed. This will of course, permit the subsequent production of quality video tapes.

Our camera man will concentrate on the speakers and as far as possible preserve the privacy of our guests.

Phone Line:

Our Forum office phone line will be available every day from henceforward. until 9 p.m. Outside these times, it is a message line only. Ring: 0407 732 868 for any questions to be answered or if you want brochure sent or to book tickets.

About The Forum:

The Sydney Forum is a non-profit event. Our published balance sheet after the last Forum revealed a small loss which was borne by the organisers.

The Forum is independent of any and all patriotic parties and associations. The Forum could not do its function if it was formally linked to any party or association. However, it is a place where all can come, exchange ideas and documents and participate. Any affiliation held by the organisers is independent of their function in this event.

Members of all patriotic groups and independent patriots and their friends and family are welcome.

The Forum organizers believe that there is a crying need for political formation. By that, we mean, the articulation of precise ideas that can serve the mobilisation of Australians in the fight for our identity, independence and freedom.

The Forum organisers see their role as – facilitators only. While we will ensure the smooth running of the event, our aim is to stimulate, not control, discussion and education.


The Forum will be served by the Rallying Point Information Service and the Heritage Book Service.

The Rallying Point Information Service specialises in cheaply priced materials on aspects of Australia’s history and heritage. It maintains titles on immigration issues, state power, culture and other select-title books.

The Heritage Book Service will carry quality books on matters of global politics, foreign policy issues, global finance and unusual and hard-to-get Australian works.

It is also possible for participants to place texts on tables for free or other distribution.

Open Forum:

There is a time allocation for Open Forum speaking. Time will be put aside on both days. Each slot will be 15 minutes only (10 minutes for speaking; five minutes for questions). This feature of the Sydney Forum imposes on participants to be brief and concise.

Special Organizational Discount:

The organisers of the Sydney Forum will consider a special discount to organized groups. Write or phone for further information.


We expect to have 10 quality speakers and open-forum time for participants to air their own views or comment freely upon any or all of the speakers.


Speakers List

This second circular provides updated details. See our advertisements in the alternative patriotic press, or phone our Contact Line (Mobile: 0407 732 868) for final updates on speakers.

Special Guest Speaker

A prominent leader and officer of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), will speak.  Name to be advised to the media on Friday, August 26.

The speaker will address the assembly twice, once on each day. He will explain the history and place of the NPD in German politics and its’ current electoral alliance with the German People’s Union in the September Federal poll.  He will then speak upon the strategy and tactics of the party, especially the three-tier method (electoral, grassroots activism, ideological-cultural struggle) as the mechanism out of isolation.  The NPD represents the modern German nationalism. It is anti-imperialist and for a world of free peoples and cultures counter-posed to the New World Order of globalism.  This will be a unique opportunity for all.

Dennis McCormack, The Immigration Disaster.

Dennis McCormack is probably one of Australia’s experts on the politics and sociology of our country’s immigration disaster. He will review key issues facing the Australian people and articulate the lack of freedom operating in the immigration debate.  Or is the key matter of Australian survival in the 21st Century?

Dr. Jim Saleam, The International Of Nationalism.

Jim Saleam has written on the interrelationship between the Australian nationalist struggle and other movements in other countries with similar views to our own. How to cooperate? On what basis? What is the philosophic and political impact of such a relationship?.

Robert Osmak, Why ‘Homeschool’ And What Is Wrong With Our Schools?

Educated at universities in Canada, Mr. Osmak has taught primary schools in Canada and East Africa.  He migrated to Australia in 1973 and has taught secondary school in Cairns, advanced English classes to migrants and TAFE courses.  He has home-schooled his nine children. Today, he is president of the Homeschooling Association of Queensland. He challenges much of the content and logic of modern education and has made submissions to government and been so consulted.

Lachlan Black, The Islamic Agenda

Lachlan Black is a former One Nation branch conveyor and campaign director for a nationalist councillor. He writes, speaks and is active on a variety of issues, most of all the consequences of growing Islamic influence in our society. How does Islam take hold and influence Western societies? What does it mean for Australia? What are the aims of Islam and how should we respond?”

Luke Connors, Building A Nationalist Youth Movement

Luke Connor is a Melbourne nationalist, active in organising the Patriotic Youth League. He will discuss the ways and means of constructing a new movement amongst Australian youth.



Doug Harrison, The Radical Democratic Implications Of Australia’s Common Law Heritage

Doug Harrison is an editor of The Strategy newspaper, a patriotic monthly from Victoria, which has for 15 years stood up for Australian freedom. He will review aspects of the heritage of Australia as moral and political authority for action in its’ defence. In 2004, he spoke at Ballaarat in commemoration of Eureka Stockade.

Darryl Wallbridge, A Short Comedy Sketch

Darryl is one of Australia’s foremost professional clowns and he will break the hard sell of politics with some satirical commentary on political correctness.


Register Now For The Sydney Forum (2005) and Donate To Its Success



Send your cheque/money order paid to:

‘Sydney Forum’

P.O. Box N291

Grosvenor Place NSW 1220

Registration fees:

  • $35 for 2 days    ($25 concession, pensioners, unemployed etc)
  • $20 for 1 day    ($15 concession).

Forum Dinner:

If you would like to attend a Forum Dinner, please advise with ticket purchase!

You will receive your receipt (ticket) and a further bulletin that tells you the venue etc. and full agenda.

A phone line is available (9am-9pm), else a message line outside these hours:  Mobile: 0407 732 868.

The final bulletin will be issued 10 days prior.



The organisers of the Sydney Forum will thankfully receive contributions towards the necessary advertising in the patriotic press and for other legitimate expenses.


An Invited Guest Declined: 

In adherence with our ideals of free speech for all, one of the most vocal deniers of free speech of the Sydney Forum was invited to speak at the Forum to present his views, and give him the opportunity to listen to and debate the people he opposed.  He saw no value in the freedom of speech that the Forum provides and declined the invitation.