Sydney Forum 2007

Sydney Forum

August 25 – 26 2007


Identity   |   Independence   |    Freedom


This circular provides details. See our advertisements in the alternative patriotic press. Or phone our Contact Line for final updates on speakers. THERE WILL BE ADDITIONS.

The Seventh Sydney Forum is a major speaking event of the Australian patriotic resistance calendar. The Forum supports the cause of Australian freedom and independence against the emergent new NWO totalitarianism.

Speakers’ List AGENDA



The Seventh Sydney Forum welcomes Dr. Tomislav (Tom) Sunic to Australia. Dr. Sunic is the author of several books, his most challenging recent release being Homo Americanus: Child Of The Post-Modern Age.

The function of Dr. Sunic within the European ‘New Right’ constellation of intellectuals and publishers is a matter or record. His presentation at this year’s Forum will chiefly concern the former Eastern European communism, its assumptions and failures and its significant preservation of traditional European culture against the onslaught of American liberalism and in its final form – the globalism of the New World Order.

A sample of some Dr. Sunic’s works are at: Tomislav Sunic Collection

Dr. Sunic was previously an academic in the United States and now lives back in his native Croatia.

In line with Dr. Sunic’s criticism of the underlying pseudo Christian ideology of American imperialism, we welcome a critic of New World Order imperialism in the Middle East.

A speaker from Palestine is also important to the position taken by Sydney Forum, Australia’s only ‘Beyond Left And Right’ speech event. The female speaker will provide up-to-date information on Middle East contention in Palestine and Iraq. This speaker reports that the Palestine struggle involves both Moslems and Christians and that many activists oppose the Islamist movement and the New World Order ‘war on terror’ directed at it; she locates Israel as the main reason for most Middle Eastern contention and the driving mirror-image opposite to Islamism.It is said that many Christians mistake Israel as the land of the biblical promise and that Zionism is a ruthless secular movement seeking land and power.

A member of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party of Iraq, the party in arms against the US occupation of that country, may also be in attendance to informally answer questions about the Iraqi national revolutionary war against imperialism.

Mr. Perry Jewell, author of Drugs Despair, Deliverance: Operation Osterley. Mr. Jewell, the founder of the Confederate Action Party in Queensland, stands as one of Australia’s foremost patriotic activists. He speaks of his personal anguish in the drugs’ war and offers radical solutions

Professor Andrew Fraser speaks on liberalism and its use by the capitalist elites against the western peoples. He also offers further discussion on Dr. Sunic’s theses and an ideology of traditional ethics and state craft to combat the liberal assault on identity.

Dr. Jim Saleam speaks on articulating an Australian nationalism for the modern epoch.

Mr. Welf Herfurth, the MC of the Forum and Dr. Jim Saleam, its secretary jointly stated today:

“The Sydney Forum has developed over the years despite threats of violence, cancellation of venues under political pressure (as when Virginia Judge, MP for Strathfield urged a Russian Club cancellation in 2005) and the banning of foreign guests in 2002 and 2005. This year’s Forum will be the best yet. This Forum is an open event and there is room for audience participation.”



Meeting Chairman,  Mr Welf Herfurth :     Mobile:  0411 669 181
Meeting Secretary,  Dr Jim Saleam:         Mobile: 0407 732 868

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This year’s Forum might be demonstrated against. In order to assist us in ensuring we can get things rolling, we have instituted an otherwise regrettable security measure.
We are not passing out the Saturday venue details until Saturday morning. It is therefore essential we have your phone number (and/or e-mail address) whilst in Sydney or you make it your business to contact us on the available phone lines.

To get the venue details: you will have to telephone either of the two numbers here after 7.30 am on the Saturday morning, August 25 or you will be phoned by us. It is our promise that plenty of time will be available for any resident to reach the venue by 9:15 am for a ‘start’ at 9:30 am.

We sincerely apologise for the necessity of these arrangements.

Video Film:

The seventh Sydney Forum will be video filmed. This will of course, permit the subsequent production of quality video tapes. Our camera man will concentrate on the speakers and as far as possible preserve the privacy of our guests.


Forum Phone line will be available every day from 9am until 9pm.  Outside these times, it is a message line only. Ring: 0407 732 868 or 0411 669 181
Forum E-mail enquiries: or


The Forum will be served by the Rallying Point Information Service and the Heritage Book Service. The Rallying Point Information Service specialises in cheaply priced materials on aspects of Australia’s history and heritage. It maintains titles on immigration issues, state power, culture and other select-title books.
The Heritage Book Service will carry quality books on matters of global politics, policy issues, global finance and unusual and hard-to-get Australian works.
It is also possible for participants to place texts on tables for free or other distribution. There will also be a T-shirt shop.
There is a time allocation for Open Forum speaking. Time will be put aside on both days. Each slot will be 15 minutes only (10 minutes for speaking; five minutes for questions). This feature of the Sydney Forum imposes on participants to be brief and concise.

Forum Sponsorship:






This year, we are expecting two overseas guests.

We are offering a speaker with a deep knowledge and attachment to the movements of a ‘New Right’ character in Europe, someone who has published and spoken in several countries. Our speaker will address us twice on the first day. We are desirous that Australians are introduced to the radical ideas that have re-shaped political movements such that they can better assail the fortress of liberalism.


We are offering a Palestinian speaker from with up-to-date information on Middle East contention, the false claims of Israel and Zionism.


The Sunday Program

The Sydney Forum is a two day event. The second more ‘political’ day has a social component and is being held at 725 Princes Highway, Tempe.
The second day offers a wide opportunity for purchase of materials, exchange of documents, ideas etc in a social atmosphere. There is a BBQ lunch at $3.

The Forum does not censor any individual, whether from the so-called Left or Right, by denying admittance. But we reserve the right to ask any person to leave who does not behave properly and/or respect the interests of other attendees.

The Sunday section of the Forum will be held at 725 Princes Highway Tempe.


Mr. Perry Jewell, The War Against Drugs In Australia

Perry Jewell has just authored a book, Drugs, Despair, Deliverance: Operation Osterley . A few years ago, he vaulted to national fame as the concerned father who kidnapped (sic) his daughter from a drug-dependent life of prostitution, so as to start her rehabilitation. At first charged with various offences, he was later lucky to have the prosecution discontinued. His book is a strident call to arms against the drug scourge. Mr. Jewell is also well known in Queensland as the prime 1990 founder of the Confederate Action Party, a major nationalist-minded movement, which made great headway in that State. He brings a wealth of personal and political knowledge to his subject and will otherwise be available to lend a sense of history to certain phases of Australian patriotic action.

Associate Professor Andrew Fraser, ‘The Elites Against The People’ (provisional title)

Andrew Fraser has authored a book on the crisis of multiculturalism with the primary emphasis on English-speaking countries. As a nationally known critic of Australia’s immigration and multicultural policies, he has placed his present thoughts into a readable but academic-styled text. As a victim of politically-correct thought-policing, he has replied to the intellectual crisis that stalks our ruling elites. He will also use part of his time to develop some of the theses of Dr. Sunic.

Dr. Jim Saleam,  ‘Articulating The Basis Of An Australian Nationalism’

Jim Saleam, who has spoken at every Sydney Forum, reviews the basic historical, political and cultural factors that revived Australian Nationalism as a political movement from the 1970’s. He will also examine the character of this movement and where it fits on the political continuum and why it conforms to the slogan of the Forum ‘Neither Left Nor Right’.  What is its potential to escape the margins and become a popular phenomenon?

SUNDAY: short talks be Mr. Darrell Wallbridge, Lachlan Black, Perry Jewell, Open Forum and discussion.
Check the Internet for updates.



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